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Here I’ll publish whatever I’ll find interesting and useful in my everyday life on the internet.
This website is my sandbox for learning about my biggest passion, WordPress. Most of the plugins as well as this theme are custom made by me to satisfy my needs and learn a bit more about this powerful software.

Be aware that this website has some kind of “mixed feelings” towards the official language to use. most of my posts are in english, but you’ll find that some of them are in italian. Mostly rants though, so don’t worry about them. 😀

Privacy matters on

My visitor’s privary as well as mine, have the same priority, that’s why, here on, I respect your privacy as if it was mine. of course during your stay on these pages I’ll collect some information about you, as example your browser software, I use this data for traffic analysis, to understand who’s visiting my website.

If you’ll decide to contact me, I’ll use all the data that you’ll give me to get back to you, I’ll also collect data like your IP address for security reasons only.

I will never give away any of this data, not one single bit, I never did and I couldn’t do it, no matter what.
You can read more in my Privacy policy page.

Privacy Policy

enjoy your stay.