I’ve been thinking about adding my handwritten signature to posts on my blog for a long time, without deciding to write a plugin to do it. Until yesterday, when I started writing my soon-to-be fourth submitted plugin to the WordPress plugins directory.

As usual The first thing I did was looking in the repository for a similar plugin, I was looking for something simple, not bloated with tons of features, all I wanted was to be able to select an image for my user, and set the alignment and size for the displayed image inside the blog post.

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My shiny WordPress laptop

As most of you know, I love WordPress, I feel so proud of being part of it and being able to build stuff out of it, and I always look for ways to show off my love for this platform.
One day I decided I wanted a WordPress sticker for my laptop by looking at Mark Jaquith’s blog post and also some posts by Matt Mullenweg on his blog.
One of the things I’ve always wanted to do was to make a laptop sticker with the WordPress logo but I’ve never actually dedicated some time to this thing.

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And here we are. Another WordPress plugin is coming to life.

This time I was looking for a simple contact form to use on a customer website, and after a little testing I decided it would have been much more interesting to build one myself so, after just a couple of weeks, my contact form is ready to hit the Plugin Directory on

It’s actually waiting for review but if everything goes well it should be out in the wild in the next few hours.

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danixland-countdown is a simple plugin that adds a widget that you can load on your sidebar which will show a simple countdown to a future date that you can set. this plugin makes use of a simple css stylesheet that you can enable or disable at will. You can also link the countdown to whatever url you want.

Installation is very simple and straightforward, you can find the plugin in the plugin directory, straight from your WordPress admin area, or you can download it from the website and manually upload it to your WordPress install.

This plugin ships with the font used in Calculator-7 by styleseven, it’s free for home use.

It’s a very simple plugin after all, anyway, if you need help with it just let me know in the comment box below and I’ll do my bestt to help you.


Quando si tratta di fare le cose in modo automatico mi diverto sempre a buttare giù degli script che mi aiutino a superare la routine.. 🙂

E’ il caso di, uno scriptino che è in grado di installare e aggiornare da svn tutte le installazioni locali di WordPress che ho..

Lo script può essere lanciato con le 3 opzioni seguenti:

  • -h che visualizza solo un breve testo di aiuto e poi esce senza far nulla.
  • -i <nome> che installa i file di WordPress nella cartella “nome” e ci copia dentro un file wp-config.php pronto per l’uso con i dati del mio database locale di MySQL e si occupa inoltre di copiare i file del plugin WordPress-importer nella cartella wp-content/plugins/ all’interno della cartella “nome” appena creata.
  • -u che si occupa di aggiornare all’ultima nightly release tutte le installazioni di WordPress presenti nella document directory del mio webserver locale..

Come potete vedere l’opzione di default è -h così lo script non fa danni e vi spiega come usarlo al meglio.. 😉
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Continuo a scrivere il plugin “danixland-subscribe-to-blog“, anche se oggi sono un po’ bloccato a livello mentale..

Queste sono le funzionalità attualmente implementate:

  • Aggiunta di indirizzi email al database dopo aver verificato che lo stesso indirizzo non esista già e solo se la mail di conferma è stata inviata con successo.
  • Funzione per ripulire il database dagli indirizzi non confermati/rimossi ogni 5 giorni (è troppo/troppo poco?)
  • Una bozza della funzione che invierà le mail. Sto pensando se implementare un sistema di code in caso di grossi quantitativi di email per non incidere troppo sul webserver.

Funzionalità che vorrei aggiungere:

  • Apparenza del widget pubblico diversa a seconda se l’utente è registrato o meno sul sito in modo da emulare il widget di (pulsante in caso di login effettuato, campo “email” in caso di visitatore non registrato).
  • testi per le email “personalizzati” tramite interfaccia di configurazione (non ne sono troppo sicuro, vorrei tenermi sul semplice). (Ho deciso di non implementare questa funzionalità)
  • Email HTML/plain-text permettendo all’utente di “switchare” tramite pagina di configurazione (non sono troppo sicuro dello switch, ma una prima ricerca in materia di multipart mi ha confortato, penso che lo implementerò).
  • Qualcos’altro a cui non ho ancora pensato (commentate pure) 😛

For my international readers

I’m still writing “danixland-subscribe-to-blog”, a plugin that mimics the behaviour of the “subscribe-to-blog” widget on

This is what the plugin is capable of at the moment:

  • it can add email addresses after having verified that the same address is not already in our database, and only after a confirmation email was correctly sent.
  • it now has a function that cleans the database from unverified email addresses after 5 days (too long/ too short? let me know)
  • There’s a stub of the mail sending function. I’m thinking about implementing a mail send queue in order to take care of sites with lots of subscribers, so that the webserver doesn’t suffer too much.

And here are the functionalities that I’d like to add before releasing the plugin:

  • Front-end widget displaying different actions if the user is logged in on the site or not (the same as the widget).
  • Custom email content using the Setting API (I’m not sure about this). (I’ve decided not to implement this option)
  • HTML/plain-text emails allowing the user to switch on the Settings Page (I’m not sure about the switch but I think I’ll add the multipart email).
  • Something else I didn’t think about yet (feel free to let me know your suggestions in the comments below) 😉